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Why Poets Lodge?

Adorning the wall beside the Poets Lodge library is a portrait of Dr Dick O’Bryan father and father in law of the owners. Dick is a most erudite man, who has spent a lifetime reading and learning through books. With quit wit and fine mind, he can recite from memory verse upon verse of Keats, Chaucer, Shakespeare and his own original poems, published and housed in the Poets Lodge library.

In the mid 1980’s Dick formed a club he named the Pentameters, (penta from the Greek meaning 5 is a style of poetry writing consisting of 5 beats to the line). The Pentameters met bi-annually on the occasion of the summer and winter solace, the group consisting of up to 20 included himself, sons and interested friends. Attendance at these gatherings had a single requirement, to each read a verse of poetry (if original even better).

Poets Lodge and the associated poetry reference library is a tribute to all Poets and Pentameters.


Notes: The portrait of Dick was painted by Maggie Slater 1973, he was 38yo. The photo was taken in 2019 aged 84.

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