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Just over an hour’s drive from CBD Melbourne, lies the beautiful Victorian country town of Daylesford. Originally built by gold miners during the early and mid 1800’s. Post gold rush the town continued to prosper due to high altitude, reliable rainfall and surrounding rich farming lands.

Daylesford at sunset.JPG

In the early 1900’s gold mining turned to tourism due to the newly discovered mineral springs located at Hepburn only 3 kilometres away. Visitors were pleased to visit the preserved Colonial era gold boom town. Today Daylesford still provides visitors the same enchantment as it has for over 100 years, with a wide range of activities and experiences available for everyone.

Golf, cidery, vineyards, lavender farm, walking trails, bike riding, horse riding, lakes, fishing, swimming pool and nothing beats a good country drive.

First class restaurants some hatted, the town is renowned for its use of local produce, fine or pub dining, adjoining wine region and farmers market every Sunday.

Daylesford in winter.JPG
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